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July 18, 2012


ENITRADE A/S will soon launch Edutain, the educational worldwide brand

The Norwegian company got a new manager from Argentina, and they will expand


The company was established in 1998 and started importing goods from Sweden and continued with the representation of a Thai brand of natural cosmetics called Oriental Princess.

Now, they have incorporated the new General Manager: Barbara Garcia, an Argentinean who is an expert in International Relations. She´s been linked to Norway for more than a decade, when she wrote a letter to Dagbladet looking for penpals. “The newspaper sent me more than 50 replies. I was very surprised”, she says about her story.

With her in charge of the new strategy, they will launch the first line of Edutain, which consists of cards to learn Spanish, with three games included that exercise memory, language skills and description.

Edutain has been for a long time the project of Leif E. Holterud, who is deeply concerned with the setting in which children learn nowadays: “The goal of the brand is to do education while having fun in a pacifist setting, and that´s why Edutain is focused on Content, Creativity and Concern, our three core concepts.”

The project became real with Barbara´s involvement. That way, the company has evolved into a truly international enterprise, since it´s being handled from both Argentina and Norway.

“The world is in need of minds that think globally in order to understand the challenges of the future, and that is why Edutain works”, explain to us Ms. Garcia.

Besides Edutain, Enitrade represents Bontus (another educational brand), and they have several projects in their folder, such as travelling packages that will include gourmet tourism, wine tasting and Tango lessons.

“Thanks to the newspaper that published my letter, I was able to meet great Norwegians. I was very lucky. Now, I´m here to find business partners and investors.”

 Ms. Garcia was in Oslo during June to carry on interviews and meetings with all interested people.







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